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Money Manager EX it's a free and OpenSource software, actually developed and provided by:

Nikolay Akimov [Vomikan]  

Stefano Giorgio [Stef]  

Born in Italy, migrated to Australia at an early age, and therefore kept my Italian name. I still know some Italian from early childhood, but prefer English. I live in Canberra where the time zone is UTC+10. From late October to early April, we switch to Daylight Saving Time where the time difference is UTC+11. Sometimes it can become difficult to synchronise communications with people from the other side of the world. Previously a Senior Technical Officer maintaining computer hardware and developing specialised software for system diagnostics, I am now semi retired driving a School Bus, and in spare time keep up with MMEX developments. In 2009, I rediscovered MMEX at Version and saw great potential in the program. As a School Bus Driver I had spare time in School Holiday periods. This gave me the time to use my previous programming skills to develop new features and fix annoying bugs. In late 2009, I joined the MMEX team where I submitted new bug fixes and features, and in 2010 was part of the release for MMEX Version

Lisheng Guan [@guanlisheng]   

James Higley [Siena123]  

Patrick O'Malley [Omalleypat]

Alen Siljak [MisterY]

Gabriele Villa [Gabriele-V]

Tomasz Słodkowicz [slodki]


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