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What a fantastic piece of software, for years I've been using spreadsheets to keep my household accounts, this makes the process so much simpler and without the danger of deleting formulas by mistake. Well done to the developers keep up the good work and thanks.
Review by: Dek
Sticking with Moneysoft's Money Manager - more hands-on!
Review by: Peter White
Dear Sir, I don't Know any think about Account but useing your Software I say this software is Very Very Easy Software I Use this Software since 2015 Thanks to all Your Team One Problem I have Face In Search Box I can not find any Transaction . I want to donate sum amount but I have No Any Card ( Visa etc ) so how can I help you ? any other Way to Donate ?
Review by: Amitkumar. J. Vora
wow! you released RC on 2017-09-07 !?! Can I get your time machine please?
Review by: jt
Dommage qu'il ne fonctionne pas sur Iphone et Ipad. Sinon excellent. J'utilisais MS Money avant.
c'est un bon logiciel c'est génial de revoir l’impression qui est limité, j’espère voir l'impression sous différentes manipulation tel que des catégories ainsi que les sous catégories,des tiers etc........bonne continuation.

this is a good software is great to see that the print is limited, I hope to see the impression in different handling as categories and sub categories , third etc ........ good continuation.
Review by: tahar
I had managed to hang on to MS Money 2003, despite now being on a Windows 7 machine, but felt I had to move on, and fortunately came across your package which suits me admirably. So many applications nowadays try to be too clever, whereas yours lets me do exactly what I want to do. Congratulations ... and please keep it that way!
Review by: Robin Wall
Lyon, France
Great software. Shame it's not available for IOS.
Review by: Martin Harrison
This is an excellent alternative to Quicken for keeping track of banking and credit card transactions and developing a budget. It is so much easier to use than Quicken and far more intuitive. The reports function has a small learning curve that takes some experimentation, but not too difficult. I previously submitted a review in which I asked a feature that can rename or delete reports. Then to my embarrassment I discovered that the functionality is there.
Review by: rhizomatist
Well, this is an amazing App. My special thanks to the developers who worked on this. I recommend those who want do develop their Personal Financial Literacy, this is a software to start with or to use.
It makes the whole thing easy and finance will make sense.
Review by: Mutematemi
South Africa

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