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I had been a Quicken user for many years, since the mid '80's in fact. But this year, I find that Quicken is not as good as it once was. So I began looking for a replacement and I came across this program. Very simple to use once you learn how it works and the differences between it and Quicken. The only thing I miss is Quicken's calendar feature that shows you when a bill is due at a glance. Kind of got used to that instead of a repeating transaction and you can not see it on a calendar. Could that please be considered as a future feature for this program? Thanks.
Review by: Brenda LeBlanc
I'm using Money Manager for 2 months now and I love it! However I would like to have the possibility to enter different currencies. Currently I have to use one single currency, Money Manager simply adds different currencies and this is bad.
Review by: Michael Vaughn
Having just bought a new computer I was looking for something to replace MS MONEY. Money Manager EX is the ideal solution in that it excels by its simplicity of use. The only problem is that I haven't yet figured out how to record the sale of shares. There doesn't seem to be any clear explanation on this.
Review by: Barry A. Whittingham
I am using money manager since 2015. With money manager, I can track list of my expense and categories. Great application.
Review by: sihar
I am using the desktop and android version and sync them via Dropbox. It works very well and allows me to enter transactions when away from my desktop. Yes, it is simple, but handles everything I require and allows for custom reports and modifications. Highly recommended!
Review by: Bernardo
South Carolina, USA
Since I'm pretty sure that my Quicken DL 98 will not work with Windows 10 (and Quicken is no longer available in the UK, I have started looking for an alternative. I have downloaded and installed 5 or 6 different packages and all seemed to be flawed in some way compared to Quicken until I tried Money Manager Ex.
I have to say that getting it set-up was a real pain - it would not import QIF files generated by my old Quicken and I eventually resorted to exporting CSV files from a competitive package to which I had previously import Quicken QIFs, and then importing the CSVs, which worked fine. I then found that none of my hundreds of transactions in 4 accounts were showing as reconciled and that took a while to sort out.
However, now it's running I'm pretty impressed! Easy to use and does everything I need. I'll run it in parallel with Quicken and a couple of competitive solutions for a month or so before upgrading to Windows 10, but I'm pretty sure that Money Manager Ex is the one I'm going to stick with.
Review by: sam4a
Excelent app... Simple and powerfull for what is the purpose of the app itself. Keep working and improving interface... And best of all... Multiplatform and connected to dropbox. Congratulations!!!
Review by: Jose Angel Espinosa
Great App. I use it both on windows as-well as Android, But It doesn’t gets installed on my Ubuntu OS.
Review by: Samir
Great app, but it woud be nice if you add an cash account option in account type
Review by: Juan Martinez
Dominican Repúblic
I'd been using MS Money 2001 since it came out - tried several things to replace it, but all far too complex with features I don't need or want. It stopped working after I installed Windows 10, so had to finally find a replacement and came across Money Manager EX and it is perfect for what I want. Nice and simple, nothing fancy, just allows me to keep track of my accounts and credit cards and it's free! I'd quite happily have paid for this. I'd highly recommend this software to anyone who just wants something nice and simple to keep track of spending and income across multiple accounts.
Review by: Mark Walsh
Liverpool, UK

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