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I installed recently this sw and I am using it. This program has been chosen among others.
Today I also subscribed to the newsletter.
I hope You'll answer when I'll send You a mail to comunicate some trouble or bug. This is intended as contribution to help in improving this sw.
claudio giust
Review by: claudio giust
Programa estupendo y con la aplicación de android y dropbox perfecto, quizá hecho en falta los gráficos de android en la aplicación de escritorio.
Review by: Manu
I have been using Money Manager for about three years now, I reconcile my bank account daily and have found it invaluable as a tool to keep me on the right ( Black ) side of the ledger! It has helped me save too!
Review by: Martin Freye
Bristol, England
I tried multiple softwares to manage my budget, and this is the only one that allows me to have an account in euros and another one in swiss francs, and that is able to update the exchange rate automatically. This is very practical. Even more, I can correct the amount on the receiving account when I make a transfer, without changing the other one. I love it.

The only request I would have is to be able to personnalize the categories in the budget section. Lots of the categories there are of no use for me, and other categories that I would need don't exist. Being able to rename and reorganize these categories would make this software perfect for me.
Review by: Flore
Money manager site is useful
Review by: Usa
This is an amazing App
Review by: Ajay
My account is in alphabetical sequence, I want in the date sequence, how do I fix this, please
Review by: Stefan OReilly
For the past three years i have been using MMEX and it is a excellent piece of software for managing personal finances. Like many others describe its simple and to the point, you don't need to have a degree in finance to use it.

This software has actually allowed me to increase my savings just by making me mindful in tracking every cent i earn and more importantly where my earnings are spent.

The only suggestion i can make is perhaps a simpler and modular addons type framework for additional functionality (if required) and perhaps a website that offers these community created addons, similar to Mac's apps store or androids market.

Keep the good work up project developers and thank you.
Review by: Andrew
I spent 60 minutes experimenting with this software but had to give up. I can't find any way to import files, nor can I find any documentation that actually outline the mechanics of importing files.

The user manual has a section about importing but doesn't give instructions for importing. It's baffling.
Review by: Slant
I can see this application taking over all my money management and check ledger needs in time. Good job. I found two issues when printing my account. In landscape mode the information for a line entry was printed on two pages, ie Date, payee and notes on one page and the other columns on the preceding page. In portrait mode the characters for the Balance figures were stacked rather than being scaled to fit the column width. Just started using this app and I'm really impresses with its of ease of use for setting up a new account. Can't wait to try out the reports feature.
Review by: Gary

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