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I used Microsoft Money 99 for ages since 2002 because I only need simple tasks that can keeps me on track also give me one month advance for planing my savings and expenses. Even though it is very legacy version but does the job, so I kept it for this long. Recently, for unknown reason I was experiencing some difficulties with it. It gave me some false information. I have to completely wipe it out and start from brand new. I was still searching for Microsoft Money products at moment, looking for FREE one. 2005, 2006, 2008? Whatever I found and installed, tried, they're either didn't work properly on my computer or it is US Version only!...anyway, it forced me to start to looking for else where. Here it is, I found this Money Manager. At beginning, I wasn't used to it because stayed with Microsoft Money too long , but couple of days later, I start to like it. Yes, as many people said it, the simplicity served it all. But if you want to go a little complicated you still can with this software. The user friendly made me feel comfortable and the way it forms the pages are more close to the real accounting that appeals to me as well. Thanks for the developers.
Review by: Yanique Rao
Complimenti, trovo Money Manager Ex un programma molto utile e ben fatto! Lo uso su MacBook Air in modalità .emb, purtroppo questa non è supportata sul tablet Android Nexus 7. Vorrei segnalare, se può essere utile, che ho trovato la possibilità di usare lo stesso database sia su Mac che su tablet in formato .mmb e poi criptadolo con boxcriptor che supporta diversi cloud, compreso dropbox. Questo metodo mi sembra una buona soluzione in attesa di una soluzione nativa di Money Manager Ex. Se ci sono controindicazioni, per la sicurezza, Vi prego di farmele sapere. Grazie comunque per l'ottimo programma.
Review by: Igino Poccobelli
Verona - Italia
Very good software for personal use. Add personal information manager and calender with this personal money manager
Review by: johnson
Congratulations on Money Manager EX. It is one great piece of software. I just cant believe its open source. I used several tools so far to keep track of my finance but nothing made me as satisfied as your software. I see you treat it as alpha still but it looks perfectly good and usable to me.
Review by: Goran
If it (Money Manager Ex) would have existed 7 or 8 years ago, it could have saved the planet's people, collectively, millions of thousands of hours in keeping their accounts straight, saved thousands of hundreds of dollars by people not having to pay other people to help them straighten out their tax returns, and saved millions of dollars by people not having to invest (needlessly) in commercial financial applications, etc., etc., etc.
Review by: Arn R
Sunnyvale, USA
Very good software. It is easy to use and when combined with Money Manager Ex for Android and Dropbox sync, it becomes a very powerful and useful tool for tracking financial information.
Review by: elwood1229
I must be missing the point. The reports part seams feature full, but rest of the software is not intuitive and practical enough. The handling of "tiers" is too constraining. Above all it does not import OFX, and QIF import doen not work, and I won't type by hand all banking operations I should just import them.
Review by: mifeledyn
The only thing this software lacks for me is the ability to show the results spending across a graph for selected categories and the Split function works well but needs to be shown in seporate lines indented so when you filter by the category you can see this transactions with the category used in the split function.
Review by: antrey
Superb application for home finance. Load option should be added. but Unstable file not working. since long there is no updation. Good software
Review by: sanjaymunsad
Moneymanagerex works great
Review by: tfileme

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