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Quite simple and yet very good. As a next step I like to see an Investment transactions register that handles buys and sells of stocks and also the cash transactions in a "Stock Account"
Review by: manojmaharaja
Great app moneymanagerex
Review by: ianrichardson
Small and efficient and gets the job done
Review by: ianhayes
Moneymanagerex is fast and stable
Review by: lukaswhite
Good and useful software
Review by: a11922256
Very good and useful project
Review by: andrid
Great software, thank you.
Review by: jacksonchase
It is very simple to use. This is the best software for any novice individuals.
Review by: vikassangani
Awsome!! Great interface!! Thanks! PS: Whoud be great if you add some features like products, categories, incomes, and sales, etc..
Review by: luismaf
Very simple, very comfortable, very professional! There are many things to improve (for example: liabilities and commitments; deposits). But Money Manager Ex is a very good job! I think this is the best program for personal finance and finance for Small Business. I wish MoneyManager's team in the development and promotion of the product.
Review by: managemaker

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