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Money Manager Ex offered a new release every 2-6 weeks since April 2021. What's behind the increase in releases?

"Frequent releases lets users see that the software is actively developed," says developer Mark Whalley. "It gives them confidence in the software." Mark made his first contribution to Money Manager Ex in November 2020. Since then he quickly became one of the top developers for Money Manager Ex. He's made changes to the code almost every day this year and manages releases for macOS.

Developer Nickolay Akimov pioneered the shorter release cycle. He suggested Money Manager Ex "make a release when 10 fixes accumulate or a new month comes." Nickolay (username: vomikan) is a long-time developer who has committed 1.8 million lines of code to Money Manager Ex.

Some of the significant developments to the software in the past year include

  • The "All Transactions" view which lets you see what's happening without checking multiple bank accounts
  • The ability to edit multiple transactions at once
  • Improvements to the "Transaction Filter" that let you save and name filters
  • The theme manager and new look

For a more detailed review, see the forum post: Most useful fixes and features this year by user mikhailo2608ilaol.

This year's frequent releases correspond with an increase in development. The last two years have more code changes on the main application than the previous 6 years of Money Manager Ex history. This increase is thanks to the work of Nickolay and Mark. However, Nickolay and Mark are just two among 30 people to contribute code to the desktop application, 16 people to contribute to the android app, and many more on other projects like the web app.

However, the Money Manager Ex project extends beyond code. It depends on many users helping each other on the forums, translators for 29 languages, early testers of the software, maintainers of the website and social media, documentation writers, and more. If you are interested in helping out, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to introduce yourself on the forum or Slack.

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  • #3222 Screen geometry
  • #3273 Update to wxWidgets 3.1.5
  • #3321 Theme manager window size
  • #3325 Transaction Report settings name utf8 support
  • #3326 UDFC01, 02... are not displayed in "All Transactions"
  • #3315 Browse button tooltip on Import/Export XML dialog refers to importing/exporting a CSV file instead of an XML file
  • #3337 Missing translation of categories in budget
  • #3340 Currency dialog: Width / Selected base currency icon / Search field label
  • #3348 Search by numbers on All Transactions view
  • #3355 Upcoming transactions applet
  • #3273 Update to wxWidgets 3.1.5
  • #3401 Category Icome/Expenses report not display date range correctly
  • #3414 Crypto currencies exchange rate
  • #3517 [Att.] is added in notes
  • #3532 lunasvg library upgrade


  • #2473 Grouping character in amount
  • #3166 Theme background color
  • #3323 Date format display with Day name
  • #3347 Simple csv export
  • #3362 Enter next booking
  • #3375 Move multiple transactions at once
  • #3460 dd Mon yyyy date format
  • #3515 Display the difference value as a line on Income vs Expenses report


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All MMEX users,

Just a short explanation of what happened. Basically, these several hours down was due to the php7.3-fpm down due to some unknown issues.  Just restart the service to fix it and will keep an eye on this.

SourceForge has listed up Money Manager EX as candidate for "July 2020 Project of the Month".

Help us to win the award and being listed on SourceForge HomePage during the month of July, improving our audience: more users means more features because of different needs and better program stability because bugs are found quicker!

To vote go to and comment with VOTE: moneymanagerex

We have been listed on SourceForge home page as the project of the week!

Projects are chosen based on a variety of considerations, such as recent releases, interesting blog activity, or other related things.


Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software. we have about 42k MAU and 10k DAU and here you go some stack we used to build and operate this tiny product.

here you go a video on making reports via our general report manager


A new build of MMEX v1.3.4 for mac has been posted. If you have been having issues with right-click menu items being greyed out, please download this updated build to resolve those issues. The updated build is named mmex_1.3.4_macos10.9-wx3.1.3.dmg and is available on, GitHub and SourceForge. It works on macOS 10.9 and above.

Thanks to everyone who reported the bug and for your patience while we got it resolved. 

I just wanted to share the news that we just performed the phpBB 3.1.2 upgrade for our forum. hopefully, it would be upgraded again to the latest stable version (a.k.a 3.3) soon.

Hey, Money Manager EX users and contributors, 

I'm writing this blog to seek a or couple of proper guys who is/are willing to maintain this open source project to Android devices. the original developer decided to leave us for a quite while and we hope we can keep this port continues to serve the people.

More background about us, we are global while remote team

  1. Email for regular discussion
  2. Slack as IM tool
  3. Github to host the codebase
  4. SQLite3 as database


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