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07 June 2017

A review from MMEX developer team

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Money Manager EX has been around for over 10 years or more. It started out to be a light weight and simple to use tool for someone having little knowledge of financial planing and management, being able to manage their finances simply and easily. Even though a lot of changes have occurred over the years, MMEX has still maintained this simplicity and still providing a program that is relatively small.

Many improvements have been made over the years in Account Management, Assets, Stocks and Shares, Reports and general usage with improved filtering of the data for daily usage.

Account types have been improved by increasing the account classification types. This allows money to be separated into more categories to assist in identifying how money is used. Improvements in Asset management now allows money to be transfered to from an asset. Also Stock Management has been expanded to handle Stocks and Shares Management, with the major improvement of being able to transfer money to and from regular accounts to Stocks and Shares. Account sections are removed for users who do not require the specialised account types. The improvements in recurring transaction management has made the data entry simpler. A recurring transaction can also be used to inform users of upcoming bills and payments that need to be made within a particular time frame.

The internal reports have now been improved to allow more filtering to be done to identify how money is being spent and when and where money is being recieved. Definitely helps at tax time when we need to determine how much we have received as income and what our our expenses are in relation to what we can claim in taxes and what we cannot. Combined with the improved printing facilities of all reports definately improves the whole system.

Other improvements over the years has been in Budgets and budget reporting, data importing and exporting to other systems.

Personally I have been using MMEX since late 2009, and at that time for me had a lot of shortcommings such as not being able to handle financial years as opposed to calendar years, and the account classifications were non existant. As a developer over these years, I have helped to improve the functionality and overall usage of MMEX to what it is today and as a user I find it very easy and simple to use and understand without needing extended knowledge of financial management. The only shortcomming I find is that it requires regular usage for data input, but this would be a complaint of any system if I want a system to help me to manage my finances.

Stefano [stef145g]

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