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All MMEX users,

Just a short explanation of what happened. Basically, these several hours down was due to the php7.3-fpm down due to some unknown issues.  Just restart the service to fix it and will keep an eye on this.

SourceForge has listed up Money Manager EX as candidate for "July 2020 Project of the Month".

Help us to win the award and being listed on SourceForge HomePage during the month of July, improving our audience: more users means more features because of different needs and better program stability because bugs are found quicker!

To vote go to and comment with VOTE: moneymanagerex

Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software. we have about 42k MAU and 10k DAU and here you go some stack we used to build and operate this tiny product.

here you go a video on making reports via our general report manager


I just wanted to share the news that we just performed the phpBB 3.1.2 upgrade for our forum. hopefully, it would be upgraded again to the latest stable version (a.k.a 3.3) soon.

Hi All,

We released the v1.3.3 with some bugfixes and you can download it from Github or sourceforge.


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