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Desktop Version

For the current change log, see Releases on GitHub.

Version 1.5.1 (Apr 24, 2021)


#1292 Add financial year start date option for budget
#3166 Theme background color
#3209 All Transactions panel currencies
#3240 Cashflow report error for negative total
#3238 Reallocate Payees performance issue
#3237 Update wizard info improvements
#3265 Custom Fields fixes
#3298 Change "saved filters" from check points to Listbox
#3299 Customfielddata will not be delete.
#3237 Update wizard info
#3261 Transaction Balance and sort order
#3239 Transaction not displayed from Account Link within Transaction Report
#3240 Cashflow report error for negative total
#3244 Update wizard window not expanded correctly
#3252 Import info panel not expanded correctly
#3242 Yahoo tickers


#3267 User color to recurring transactions added
#3286 Hebrew help pages added

Version 1.5.0 (Apr 12, 2021)


#3019 Load icons from zip and generate images from SVG
#2923 Update the application icons
#1961 The ChartNew.js was replaced by the ApexCharts
#2918 All Transactions Panel


#1549 Budget Estimate with Bi-Monthly Category is Wrong
#2028 Tooltips on the pie chart in the Payee report present always a positive value
#2217 Multi-select for checking panel is broken
#2405 Crash if app killed in tray
#2418 Payee wrong autofill
#2442 menu icon sizing on MacOS
#2447 wxFileDialog always returns an empty string
#2626 Category - subcategory delimiter
#2662 Export to CSV amount fields format
#2705 MMEX always tries to connect to on startup
#2765 Advanced Filter in Accounts doesn't work
#2795 Split Deposit amount
#2817 Analytics collected on first run without user consent
#2825 WebView support for wkWebView with latest wxWidgets
#2826 Always Opens on Wrong Monitor
#2829 Add account choice to "budget performance"
#2830 Budget year name
#2833 Currency history only for existing transactions
#2844 Copy transactions with multi line notes
#2881 Build date/time updated on every build
#2893 Transaction report style
#2929 Menu items hot buttons
#2987 Display Share Accounts
#3151 Cash flow report exception
#3184 Organize Payees dialog editing issues
#3189 Position of New Transaction icon in the toolbar
#3227 Incorrect icon on Assets filter button
#3228 Color/Colour spelling inconsistency for English (UK) and English (US) application language

Version 1.3.6 (Dec 24, 2020)

#1718 QIF import fails for single-digit dates
#2620 Crash when selecting "Relocate Payee"
#2621 graphs text encoding
#2730 Currencies manager contains too many currencies
#2631 advanced filter on bank/cash accounts
#2632 Unable to Change Date Format
#2647 Recurring Transaction: Due & Paid dates got swapped around
#2657 Invalid menu item name
#2661 why I can't change the language to Chinese (Traditional)?
#2662 CSV export for "balance" field causes TYPE CONV error when imported in ACCESS
#2671 Account Advanced filter Un-Reconciled does not working
#2673 Period: Over time has incorrect start date
#2674 Gain/Loss sort order is invalid
#2683 Transaction Filter, Notes search now only returns exact results
#2684 Application crash when selecting 'Relocate Payee' when in the "Organize Payees' dialog
#2688 Regression in Transaction report
#2691 Incorrect currency translation
#2694 MMEX Window is "off screen"
#2709 Export report to Excel
#2726 Missing translation of categories
#2732 QIF import and payee case sensitive issue bug import
#2733 json data for Google statistics
#2735 Bug in the Bug Report
#2738 mmex architecture info
#2746 Links handler in custom reports
#2761 Enable more then 3 characters as currency symbol

Version 1.3.5 (Jun 15, 2020)

#2608 MMEX does not show graphics anymore (Thank you, Renato)
#2601 Top Withdrawals in Home Page
#2579 Added years for Cash Flow report labels
#2571 Navigation tree settings ignore some collapsed items
#2561 Saving of report settings
#2557 Detected memory leaks on Custom dates
#2556 #2549 #2554 Stocks Performance report
#2554 Stock name
#2520 Fuzzy translations
#2509 0,00 marked as negative
#2501 Reports panel
#2500 Report a bug does not run in an external browser
#2499 Attachments folder exception
#2497 Edit Share transaction
#2496 Unused category
#2494 Future transactions
#2492 Account naming issue
#2488 Attachments folder fix
#2487 Datepicker appearance
#2485 Crash on create account for shares
#2484 Crash or assert on transaction link
#2480 Display the Budget Setup without category summaries
#2478 Categories selection
#2477 wxBitmap labels and sizing issue
#2470 Crash on every reports Ubuntu 20.04
#2456 Currency rates fixes
#2449 Categories do not import when importing QIF files
#2443 Web app lost category and sub-category
#2440 #2449 #2443 Web app
#2433 Expenses report issue
#2432 Category Income/Expenses - Last 12 Months
#2427 Ignore future
#2426 Default Payee in Options/Others
#2417 Transaction Filter does not open
#2416 Crash when entering next occurrence of a recurring transaction
#2413 Webapp autostart memory leaks
#2410 Notes fiels in CSV import
#2403 Account in Transaction report selected


#2518 Swedish translation (Thank you, Tomas Marklund)
#2512 Use currency history
#2506 Account webpage
#2506 Account webpage
#2425 Icon sizes
#2425 Icon sizes (Win)
#2392 Transaction colour
Currency Exchange Rates
Virtual File System
Foreign language versions updated

1.3.4 (Apr 24, 2020)

#2395 Graph scaling
#2387 Storage mmexini.db3
#2229 Account attachments fail to open
#2382 Bug - select category in recurring transaction
#2379 Transaction auto number
#2036 Categories: Monthly report - add date ranges
#2375 Custom Field String issue
#2369 Transaction dialog outlook (MAC)
#2031 Default category is not assigned automatically for known payee during .qif import
#1146 Possibility to run several mmex apps


#2391 Grouping on Budget Setup
#2231 Export to JSON

1.3.3 (Mar 04, 2017)

- Fix: assets #1074 #1070
- Feature: Search box not working #1060

1.3.2 (Feb 25, 2017)

- Fix: Programs and Features icon in Windows (SF Issue 972)
- Fix: Albanian lang file
- Fix: Prevent Crash on Home page Issue #1019
- Fix: Hebrew, Hungarian Translations
- Fix: Displayed Latin Currency symbols Issue #739
- Fix: Crash on startup when files not found Issue #1033
- Fix: Transaction Filter Crash, Account checked, none supplied. Issue #1043
- Fix: Check for null pointer. Issue #979
- Fix: Move Transaction. Issue #1063
- Fix: HTML report export. Issue #1064

1.3.1 (Jan 7, 2017)

- Fix: Automatic database backup on start-up.
- Fix: Crash after adding first level category.
- Fix: Translation updates.
- Fix: General Issues #957, #969.
- Fix: Incorrect bitmap size #971.
- New: Donation link$guanlisheng/1
- Fix: Messages for import errors #975.
- Fix: Performance Issues #977, #980.
- Fix: Image or Icon for accounts #963.
- Fix: Window "Currency rate updated" to big (Mac) #649.
- New: Abkhazian, Albanian, Burmese, Catalan, Finnish, Korean, Malayalam, Persian, Thai translations added.

1.3.0 (Dec 15, 2016)

- New: Database upgrade management.
- New: Enhanced visual effects using new Icons.
- New: Reports upgrade providing improved date range support.
- New: Account types: Cash, Loan.
- New: Introduction of Custom Fields for transactions
- New: Stocks & Shares Management upgrade using Share Accounts.
- New: Asset Management Upgrade using Asset Accounts.
- New: Minimum Balance on accounts.
- New: Credit Limit on Accounts.
- New: Lock account transactions to a reconciled date.
- New: Multi transaction selection for various functions
- Update: Bitcoin (BTC) support to 8 digit precision
- Remove: Show/Hide void transactions
- Fix: General bug fixes and documentation updates.

1.2.7 (Apr 14, 2016)

  • Fix: Italian translation updated
  • Fix: Russian translation updated
  • Fix: Help files updated
  • Fix: Validate math expressions (Issue #659)
  • Fix: Items in Navigation keep disappearing in Ubuntu and macOS (Issue #658)
  • Fix: Transactions color tag is lost in some specific case (Issue #788)
  • Fix: Minor fixes

1.2.6 (Mar 6, 2016)

  • Fix: OK the default when entering a transaction (Issue #676)
  • Fix: most recent notes (Issue #677)
  • Fix: Fraction part may get lost after the opening transaction for edit (Issue #690)
  • Fix: Grand Total missing stocks
  • Fix: Hebrew translation updated
  • Fix: Transaction Report formatting (Issue #717)
  • Fix: Monthly Summary of Accounts Report (Issue #610)
  • Fix: Minor fixes

1.2.5 (Jan 26, 2016)

  • Fix: Portuguese_br translation updated
  • Fix: Split transaction not allowed to ENTER Key or ARITMETIC EXPRESSIONS (Issue #648)
  • Fix: Monthly Summary of Accounts Report deleted (Issue #610)
  • Fix: QIF import fixes (Issue #617)
  • Fix: Cash account type added for android synchronization (Issue #455)
  • Fix: Minor fixes

1.2.4 (Dec 21, 2015)

  • New: Japanese translation added
  • Fix: Italiano translation updated
  • Fix: Home Page folder path fix
  • Fix: Speedup
  • QIF import fixes
  • Fix: CMD + C on OS X causes MMEX popup window to close (Issue #769)

1.2.3 (Nov 4, 2015)

  • Translations update
  • Fix: Assertion 'datetime failed' (Issue #536)
  • Fix: Delete currency (Issue #569)
  • Fix: Add attachments on a duplicate transaction (Issue #570)
  • Fix: Wrong currency on repeating transactions (Issues #562#568)
  • Fix: EOL support for CSV export/import (Issue #577)
  • Fix: ANSI encoding and date with time support for CSV import (Issue #579)
  • Fix: Problem with full-screen mode on Mac (bug #742)
  • New: Currency added Venezuelan Bolivar
  • Fix: tmp folder permissions(Issue #559)

1.2.2 (Jul 29, 2015)

  • Fix: Transaction Type Transfer From/To Error (bug #707)
  • Fix: Stock Account fix the total value
  • Fix: Export of small withdrawals have the wrong sign (bug #695)
  • Fix: Czech translation update
  • Fix: Colours on print and print preview are not the same (bug #722)
  • Fix: QIF import fixes (bug #712)
  • Fix: Cancel button label changed to Close for Currency dialogue (bug #714)
  • New: Lithuanian translation added

1.2.1 (Jun 06, 2015)

  • Fix: Negative 'Initial Balance' (bug #672)
  • Fix: Recurring Transactions navigation issue (bug #679)
  • Fix: Spelling mistakes (bugs: #676#677)
  • Fix: Temporary View Change (bug #684)
  • Fix: html format (issue #487)

1.2.0 (April 28, 2015)

  • New: Introducing new account type - Credit Card
  • New: Monthly Summary of Accounts
  • New: Stock History Monitoring
  • New: My Usage Reports
  • New: MMEX News display on the Home page
  • New: Apply button on Options Dialog saves displayed page.
  • New: Extra columns displayed in panels.
  • New: Command to change encrypted database password.
  • New: Command to compact the database
  • New: Import transactions from WebApp
  • New: Repeating transaction created from existing transaction
  • Functionality Change: Repeating Transaction. 'Next Occur Date' redefined as 'Payment Date' and 'Due Date'
  • Database Upgrade: Database version updated to version 3 with auto data correction for Repeating Transactions.
  • Fix: Many bug fixes

1.1.2 (November 16, 2014)

  • Repeating transaction dialog restyling
  • Added transaction filter to repeating transactions panel
  • Added more keywords into GRM
  • Fix CashFlow crash
  • Fix for repeating transactions with split categories
  • Fix PayPal QIF import (bug #543)
  • Fix stock update date format (bug #545)
  • Fix a budget for substituted category (bug #546)
  • Fix category removal error on budget panel (bug #551)
  • Translations update

1.1.1 (November 1, 2014)

  • Full UTF-8 and wide characters support in GRM and LUA
  • Full integration with WebApp @ HTTP:\\
  • Added "unknown" payee\category in QIF, CSV and WebApp import
  • Navigation panel status saving
  • New JS pie charts on report
  • Added option to reallocate account type
  • Added option to change the password of encrypted DB
  • Added timeout option for web-calls
  • Added FullScreen support
  • Save transactions colors to the database instead of local pc
  • Fix for '&' sign in notes (bug #441)
  • Fix new transaction with no payee in the list (bug #450)
  • Fix deletion of two categories (bug #452)
  • Fix override categories in home page (bugs #447 #444)
  • Fix transaction filter transfers and payees (bugs #453 #457)
  • Fix for transfer between an account with different currencies (bugs #462 #472)
  • Fix cashflow report (bug #481)
  • Fix space in amount (bug #493)
  • Fix the wrong behavior of split and new transactions

1.1.0 (August 3, 2014)

- Custom reports (GRM - General Report Manager)
- Embedded WebServer
- Attachments
- Anonymous usage statistics
- Updated Home Page layout
- Fix crash with the wrong password on the encrypted file (March 23, 2014)

- Include images in HTML export
- Performance improvement for a large number of payees
- Fix transaction report (feature-request #282)
- Restore frequently used notes feature (bugs #324)
- Base currency not found (bugs #326) (February 19, 2014)

- Fix advanced transfer amounts disappearing
- Fix repeating transactions account invalid error
- Fix closed stocks account shown (bugs #290)
- Fix transfer transactions getting reset
- Fix next transaction number
- Fix for creating a new transaction
- Fix for the group separator
- Fix for reconciled balance
- Performance improvements
- Updated sponsors (January 19, 2014)

- Fix account number not saved (bug #259)
- Fix translation items (bug #257)
- Fix stock currency format (bug #262)
- fix sound (bug #256)
- fix asset value (bug #271)
- fix transaction report crash (bug #273)
- fix home page repeating transaction value (bug #274)
- fix summary asset total (bug #275)
- fix changing account causes amount to change (bug #278)
- fix error message when category is deleted (bug #277)
- fix csv file import (bug #276)
- fix transaction advanced amount (bug #285) (December 28, 2013) (includes changes)

- Custom Reports have been temporarily removed (under construction). Will be introduced in the next release.
- Account balance in CSV export [feature-requests:#136] (partial implementation)
- Proxy server settings [feature-requests:#181]
- Report added [feature-requests:#224]
- Added 2nd graph [feature-requests:#239]
- In-place edit for assets
- Fix crash when quitting from the start page

- Fix for currency separators [bugs:#224]
- Fix to transaction dialog [bugs:#225]
- Specify the database to open on the command line [feature-requests:#245]
- Fix for translations [bugs:#222]
- Fix account balance [bugs:#223]
- Test project changed from UnitTest++ to cppunit (no tests currently written)

- Fix cancel button [feature-requests:#255]
- Added sorting in reports [feature-requests:#243], [feature-requests:#250]

- Fix crash on export to HTML [bugs:#215]
- Updated to wxWidgets 3.0
- Updated to wxSQLLite3 version 3.0.5 (SQLite3 version
- Fix memory leaks
- Restructured code so database is accessed via data classes instead of raw SQL [feature-requests:#244)

- Updated to use C++11
- Fix quarterly budget estimate calculation.
- Fix help info by including a status bar.
- Improved Navigation panel Account switching to fix:
* Transaction Filter memory between accounts
* Copy/Paste across accounts.
- Updated icons
- Fixed Search field for Checking accounts
- Added sort order for Stocks and Assets panels [feature-requests:#247]

- Updated Currency manager
- Added set of user-defined parameters for Transaction Report
- Added user-defined icons for accounts
- New/Edit Transaction Dialogue updated
* Simple line calculator added for amount fields
* Split transactions improvements
- Payee Dialogue updated
- Categories Dialogue Updated
- Added Filter for Repeating Transactions panel
- Remove the progress bar from the Checking panel as too fast to be useful.
- Fix crash using Transaction Report using Vista / USB
- Fix crash using Cash Flow Report when a Repeating Transaction becomes inactive using frequency of: in/every x days/months
- Added print and preview for Home Page
- Duplicate Asset function added
- QIF Export/Import updated

- Fix transaction status (bug #234)
- Fix exchange rates (bug #244)
- Fix transaction not shown (bug #245)
- Fix reconciled balance (bug #246)
- Fix validators (bug #247)
- Fix payee name (bug #249)
- Fix sorting direction not remembered (bug #251) (May 1, 2012)

- Externals updated to wxSQLite3 V: 3.0.0 (sqlite3 V:
- New dialog designs, updated keyboard and user interface features.
- Budget Section Upgrade
- View as Calendar Years or Financial Years
- Budget Category summaries showing subcategory totals.
- Added Monthly Budgets.
- Allow transfer totals to be included in budget totals.
- Improved Help for Budget setup
- Improved Split Categories
- Allows deposits and withdrawals in the same transaction.
- Allows split categories to be edited.
- Allows quick viewing of split categories in transactions.
- Improved Transaction Filtering - allowing edits to transactions.
- Improved Navigation tree and Account type identification.
- Improved CSV Import/Export facility using a Universal Dialog.
- Improved QIF Importing facility.
- A recent file list added.
- The backup feature now allows 4 backups at the start and/or end when updated.
- Improved Options Dialog. Allow users to cancel changes.
- Improved Cash Flow Report.
- Improved Custom SQL Report File Saving features.
- Updated Help Files with improved Language support
- Improve startup error handling.
- Miscellaneous code improvements and bugfixes. (August 1, 2011)

- Externals updated to wxSQLite3 V: 2.1.2 (sqlite3 V:
- New commands in Tools Menu for the Relocation of Categories and Payees.
- New date format: YYYYMMDD
- New user options for 'Transaction Dialog' behavior.
- Auto payee inclusion for transactions (user selectable)
- Auto category inclusion for transfer transactions (user selectable)
- Allow Status to be set to 'Reconciled' (user selectable)
- Reintroduction of Custom Reports as installable reports.
- Repeating Transactions:
- Allow transactions to be automatically entered with user control.
- Allow transactions to be automatically entered without user control.
- new 'Skip' transaction command.
- New AMD64 build instructions.
- Change to Home Page Income/Expenses reflect calculations of visible accounts.
- Stocks Summary now displayed on Home Page with new Option and Menu: View item.
- New icons in Accounts to highlight a transfer and direction for a transaction.
- Currency dialogs updated - Now allows the deletion of a currency.
- Improved Backup options on Startup.
- Improved functionality of the Transaction Report.
- Expanded periods for Cash Flow Reports.
- Improved subreports in the reports section of Categories.
- Hide Financial Year reports when they are the same as the Year Reports.
- New Tools for the maintenance of Custom Reports.
- Improved file import for CVS and QIF formats
- Help files now will be displayed in the selected language if they exist.
- Changed loading order of accounts. Now displayed in alphabetical order.
- Improved performance of displays.
- Rearrangement of: Delete Transaction(s) popup menu items.
- Improve performance for QIF and CSV importing.
- and bugfixes. (January 26, 2011)

- wxSQLite3 updated to v 2.0.2 (sqlite3 v.3.7.4)
- Move functionality for transactions added.
- A new type of accounts - Term account added.
- Infobar added on the bottom of the checking accounts and assets panel.
- Random tips for checking panel added.
- Escape key will not close the New/Edit transaction window (for Chinese typing support).
- Notes column for Assets added.
- Logo in SVG format added. Created by chart
- New Financial Year Reports: Start date user-definable, Default: 1 July - 30 June.
- New Menu Items in View.
- Assets: Value calculation changed to compound interest.
- Transaction Statistics report now displays 5 years.
- The help file has been updated.
- and bugfixes. (May 11, 2010)

- wxSQLite3 updated to v.1.9.9 (sqlite3 v.
- CurrencyFormatter refactoring, a bugfix for huge amounts (like a 1000000000000)
- Alignment of some columns changed
- 'Recent files' submenu removed
- Main window title will contain "[portable mode]" suffix if mmex runs in portable mode
- English/Russian HTML help updated
- Unnecessary notes removed on the bottom of the main screen
- Improvements in temporary files generation
- Select Language dialog refactored
- Ability to select the language during setup, native HTML help will be installed if one presents
- OnSaveAs refactoring & bugfix
- x64 build on Windows
- Ability to build rmp package on Linux
- Installation directory changed to %ProgramFiles% (C:\Program Files\MoneyManagerEx)
- User's database and settings file default location is %APPDATA%\MoneyManagerEx
- Check whether the user has to write access on database's file
- About dialog shows versions of libraries which were used to build MMEX (Nov 6, 2009)

- Fix: changes reverted for popup menu "Viewing transaction from ..."
- Fix: if a record in BILLSDEPOSITS_V1 has invalid CATEGID (for example, -1),
this record does not appear in "Repeating Transactions".

0.9.5 (Nov 3, 2009)

- Fix for Mac Paths (Wesley Ellis)
- Add Notes in Transaction Lists (Wesley Ellis, Vadim)
- Better Currency Summary (Vadim)
- Add "View Today's Transactions" (Vadim)
- Add translations for categories (Vadim, Nikolay)
- View all data (Nikolay)
- More date formats (Nikolay)
- Modified sound when adding transactions (madhan)
- New Arabic translation
- Keystroke improvements for the checking panel (Nikolay)
- Sorting of records on column click fixed (Vadim)
- Fix for a report "Category Income/Expense Over Last 12 Months",
The "overall" amount was not equal to the previous column's total (Vadim)
- QIF Export (Nikolay)
- CSV Export improvements (Nikolay)
- New Serbo-Croatian translation
- Disabling of Edit and Delete Buttons when any transaction unselected (Pat)
- Asset dialog show/hide controls (Pat)
- Bank Accounts popup menu (Nikolay) (Mar 17, 2009)

- Fix potential crash in Account Transactions Screen
- Added Bulgarian Translation (Ivan Gyokov)
- Added Portuguese (Portugal) Translation (Fatale)
- Fixed problem with transactions with large notes not displaying buttons properly (berry)
- Easier selection of existing payees by typing a few words
- Fixed issue when updating the entry with 0.0 value (LuckyArthur)
- Remove GCC warnings in 4.2.4 (Ho Yin Kwok)
- Fix report update bugs after base currency is changed or currency rates are updated (Ho Yin Kwok)
- Fix UK shares (Symbol = XXXX.L) price update bug(Ho Yin Kwok)
- Fix PAYEEID is not equal to -1 and the values of TRANSAMOUNT and TOTRANSAMOUNT are not the same in the database for "Transfer" transaction(Ho Yin Kwok)
- When a user selects "Transfer" in the transaction dialog box, "From" account is set to the current account automatically(Ho Yin Kwok)
- Other minor GUI bug fixes(Ho Yin Kwok)
- Add subtotal of accounts (Jeancf)
- Fix crash when changing the language
- Added Belgian Translation (DUTCH_BE) (Rol)
- Added French User Manual (catacotox)
- Added English UK Translation (mcrossley)
- Added Russian User Manual (Nikolay) (Dec 30, 2008)

- Fix additional extension in files saved as a new database
- Fix version in executable resource (LuckyArthur)

- MMEX now installs in %APPDATA% directory instead of program files by default in Windows
- Fix crash on custom reports (Jaffa)
- Fix display problems with cents (Ho Yin Kwok)
- Fix hang with large amounts for top categories graph
- Fix association of categories on CSV Import (Patch by Pieter)
- Add New Budget Setup and Performance Report (Rohit Kumar)
- Temporary workaround for Linux crash when clicking home page links
Patch from (Ho Yin Kwok)
- Add on-line currency rate update function:
- Download latest currency rate data from the European Central Bank
- Based on the rate of the base currency, calculate the rates of other currencies and update them
- Add a new column in the existing currency table
Note: All supported currency symbols can be found from:
- Add a new option to allow the user to enable or disable online update currency rate function (default is disabled).
- In the options dialog box, display more user-friendly strings for data format
- For the "New/Edit Stock Investment" dialog box, if the current price is empty, then-current price is equal to purchase price.
- Change "Notes" of the "New/Edit Asset" dialog box from single text control to multi-line text control
- Change the description of the "Rate of Change"'s the tooltip
- Modify "New/Edit Stock Investment" dialog box
- Modify "New/Edit Transaction" dialog box
- Modify the "Organize Payees" dialog box
- Modify the "Organize Categories" dialog box
- Modify "New/Edit Repeating Transaction" dialog box
- The help screen will not be shown when no database is opened
- Remove unnecessary checking in mmGUIFrame::OnSelChanged() function
- A currency dialog box will not resize its items so some texts are truncated.
- An options dialog box will not resize its items so some texts are truncated.
- Fix some "no newline" warnings
- Do not display correct strings when "Language" is changed from "non-English" setting to "English" setting
- Do not show "Rate of Change" value in "New/Edit Asset" dialog box
- Fix generate incorrect "Rate of Change" value when currency' scale is wrong
- Fix segmentation fault when "Refresh" button is pressed in "Stocks" panel and there is no stock in the list
- Fix "To amount" is wrong when editing a transaction without click the "Advanced" button
- MMEX do not add file extension automatically when it creates a new database file
- When the previous opened "emb" database is deleted, the password dialog box is shown when MMEX starts.
- Stock value to zero bugs (Bug Request ID 2157523)
- Modify some strings (we have to modify PO files)
- When MMEX creates a new database, only the "mmb" type is available. If a user wants to have an "emb" type database, he/she has to use
"Save as" function.
- For Currency dialog box, currency symbol textbox is changed to ComboBox so users can select existing currency symbols or input a new

- Release under CodeLathe LLC
- Fix customization bug (ajireland)
- Fixed typo in dialog message (Xavier Grimwand)
- Made QIF Import Type:BANK, CASH, CCARD account type string compares case insensitive (dan)
- Remove *.png files left over after MMEX closes (Kenny)
- Make "Income" and "Expenses" labels centered (George)
- Fixed bug in getLatestTransactionNumber (Igor)
- Added workaround for "" to convert downloaded stock value to pence (Gerald etc)
- Added 'Daily' repeating transaction (aHfUi)
- Fix double comparisons in Budget screens leading to wrong images being displayed when amounts are equal(luckyarthur)
- Allow transaction report to specify only top category (which will sum all children category) (Ami, Sania)
- Fixed minor issue where 'single quote' was being displayed as multiple quotes till DB was reopened (luckyarthur, paddy)
- Fixed Deposit, Withdrawal strings not being translated (imendes)
- Added BugTrap crash report support for Win32 version
- Updated German translation (STiGMaTa_ch)
- Fixed several strings that were not translated (STiGMaTa_ch)
- Added Gain/Loss in the Stocks View (Jason McWhorter)
- Hide Non-Favorite accounts in HomeScreen depending upon view options(Jason McWhorter)
- Added Romanian Translation (Munteanu & Florin)
- Added Indonesian Translation (Dindin)
- Add Swedish Translation (Andreas & Tomplast)
- Add Notes in transaction reports so they can be printed (Bava)
- Fix & not showing up in Notes details (Bava)
- Move to SQLITE 3.6.0 and wxSQLite 1.9.0
- Move to VC Express 2008 for Windows build
- Make user name appear immediately after database is created
- Fix bug in Loading Custom SQL from files (Paul) (Nov 18, 2007)

- Fix bug where changing payee for Split Transaction can lead to bad data in reports (Kyosuke)
- Fix bug where deleting category didn't remove association from Payee table (Phil)
- Show correct currency in Bills and Deposits Panel (MK)
- Fix bug encrypting MMEX DB (Lion)
- Patch from Vat on sorting transaction# column headers
- Rename Brazilian language to be Portuguese (Users will need to reselect the correct language)
- Fix bug when deleting last transaction and then deleting another transaction without focus
- Don't clean split transactions unless table is present.
- Add tools->Convert to Non Encrypted DB option to convert encrypted DB to non-encrypted DB
- Fix CashFlow to account for NumRepeats = None(Ami) (Oct 9, 2007)

- Fix bug where split transaction entries were being orphaned in the DB either in the account view
or via the Bills Deposits entries. This could cause wierd behavior. (Lucky Arthur)
- Fixed issue where split transaction amounts weren't being reported correctly if transactions were repeated. (within the same transaction) (manuel)
- Make stock symbol match case insensitive (geraldnz )
- Fix text vertical spacing in several panels in Linux (Ikkyu)
- Improved Help File (Terry Wick)
- Added "Everything except Reconciled Transactions View" (Jim)
- Crash when pressing "Delete" when account view is empty (Fangles)
- More colorful palette for charts (Sep 16, 2007)

- Add Password Protection support.
- Add Vietnamese Translation (Nicky)
- Add Difference col for Income Vs Expenses(Patch from Bettega)
- Show Negative amounts in Red for Payee Report (Patch from Bettega)
- Add default reports for "Where the Money Goes" and "Where the Money Comes From"
- Change default Yahoo server for Quotes download (Sep 11, 2007)

- Fix problem with Where the Money Goes and Where the Money Comes From(MK, Juraj, Fortuna)
- Fix crash when attempting to print or export (Fortuna) (Sep 8, 2007)
- Split transactions doesn't show up correctly in many reports and in transaction filter (Jose Carlos Ferreira)
- Where the Money Goes and categories reports are not working correctly. (Jose Carlos Ferreira)
- Fix problem when switching transaction from split to normal and vice versa (Jose Carlos Ferreira)
- Deposit wasnt shown in the UnivCSV import (thanks VadaCurry) (Sep 7, 2007)

- Custom SQL Query Tool to create custom reports
- Add % to actual/estimated amounts in Budget report (Juraj)
- Reconciled balance incorrect for cross currency transactions (Shippers)
- Fix transactions when viewed descending (Patch from Igor)
- Add automatic Transaction Number (Patch from Igor)
- Allow !Bank Qif import (Johnny Mac)
- Fix funky DataFormat setup in Options dialog
(Prerelease 1 through 4)
- Fix crash when pressing CTRL+R in account screen
- Add pie charts for categories
- Fix bug where favorite accounts were not being displayed correctly (Jota)
- Reconciled balance should show initial balance correctly(Jota)
- Add support for split categories in a single transaction
- Add Income vs Expenses and Top Categories Graphical Reports
- Add automatic stock price download for various stock exchanges supported by Yahoo
(Patch submitted by Greg Newton)
- Fix Bug 1625307: Account Balances Length not showing full amount without refresh
- Fix Bug 1695918: Language Selection Button shows blank text when canceled
- Add Feature 1695853: Add Indicator that indicates Future Entries in the Register
- Add Income/Expense views for Budgeting Panel
- Add extension for Univ CSV template files
- Fix Bug: Not show closed accounts in account summary and in report summary
- Add view of transactions for current month and last month
- Fix Multicurrency Bug in homepage (George)
- Support exporting transfers to CSV files(Only from accounts will show it as transfer. Import
requires exact account names to be available for it to work)
- Fixed Bug causing crash when account was deleted with pending bills and deposits
- Use new icons for MMEX
- Fix bug in amount reported by split transaction in report (drazx, Fortuna)
- Allow flexible date formats in Date options (Samer)
- Add Color option for future dates
- Cleaner HTML formatting for summary and all reports (Patch submitted by Paulo Lopes)
- Add new reports for expenses/income/categories
- Fix bug with graph formatting (April 10, 2007)

- Fix currency conversions for stock accounts (Thanks Jai)
- Fix broken selection of items in Ubuntu when adding new transaction (Ikkyu)
- Fix getting location of kaching.wav file (Ikkyu)
- Fix crash when deleting last transaction in transaction view (Ikkyu)
- Keep old category when creating a new payee (jpurrssey)
- Fix a CSV import issue
- Fix formatting for some reports (April 1, 2007)

- Fix bug calculating Quarterly estimated amounts in Budget performance report
- Fix more bugs with currency conversions with multiple currencies (Thanks George)
- Improve keyboard handling with various dialogs
- Fix quote escaping in notes (Thanks Paddy)
- Fix bug where transfer transactions would disappear temporarily when an account was deleted
- Fix bug where MMEX would crash when no category was selected and you clicked "Select" (Thanks miszka)
- Fix days remaining issue again! (Thanks Bob)
- Add Feature 1678044 : option to use original date when copying/pasting transactions (Thanks ree321)
- Add Feature 1633454 : Category column in transaction filter
- Show list of top expense categories in home page (refreshed only when file is opened)
- Add Feature 1657704 : Duplicate Transactions are now flagged as 'Duplicate' (Patch Submitted by Stuart, Thanks!)
- Fix bug in budget performance report where certain subcategories werenot being displayed
- Show category expenses over time in "Where the Money Goes" report
- Add "Load/Save" buttons for the Universal CSV importer dialog to save often used CSV configurations
- Improve Universal CSV importer dialog (Thanks to Patch submitted by Stuart)
- Add Kaching sound when entering transactions (can be turned off)
- Added Hungarian Translation (Thanks Tarjányi Csaba)
- Add Focused Item fix in account view screen when deleting items (Patch by Stuart)
- Add optional argument to MMEX that specifies where it should find the data directory (Feb 28, 2007)

- Add Copy/Paste transactions within same account
- Added Transaction Statistics report to view number of transactions over time
- Fixed bug where a blank category can be entered
- Fixed bug with QIF import when payee is missing(Thanks Mark)
- Fix view sorting in account view
- Fixed Bug 1645981: Unable to switch languages in Linux
- Fixed Bug 1666530: Payee filter not working in filter transactions(Thanks VM)
- Fixed Bug 1658366: Account view drops digits now and then
- Fixed Bug 1657456: Orphan Transactions when deleting account
- Fixed Bug 1657452: Initial Balance not taken into account for stock accounts
- Added Spanish Translation (Thanks Javier)
- Added Dutch Translation (Thanks Theo Kamphuis) (Jan 21, 2007)

- Added Cash Flow Forecast report
- Added Category column to Transaction list
- Fixed univcsv import issue if payee already exists (thanks Ktmam)
- Added Feature: 1634931: Account column in repeating transactions.
- Added Feature: 1553039: Upcoming Bills & Deposits shows amount in homepage
- Speeded up reporting performance
- Fixed Bug 1483407: Date in home page not displayed in correct language
- Fixed Bug 1636630: Program crashes when checking for updates
- Fixed Bug 1633722: Long Account Notes Hides Buttons
- Fixed Bug 1634984: Payee List should be sorted
- Fixed Bug 1631030: Account Balance Issue when viewing 30 days/3 months
- Fixed Bug 1582380: Clicking Home Page tree doesn't work after navigating using home page link
- Added Norwegian translation (Thanks Fredrik Strand & Torbjørn Kvande) (Jan 09, 2007)

- Fixed SQLITE Error when creating accounts
- Added Tamil Translation (Thanks Gopi and Muguntharaj)
- Fixed Bug 1628265: Wrong dates for Last Month Reports
- Fixed Bug 1631034: Home page' form ignores currency conversion
- Fixed Bug 1631778: Crash after version upgrade from 7.0.0/7.0.1 to 8.0.1
- Refresh Category/Payee Text if names are changed, Listview still needs to be refreshed (Jan 1, 2007)

- Fixed translation files not being loaded (Dec 31, 2006)

- Added shortcut keys to change transaction status in account view. (v for 'Void', r for 'Reconciled', u for 'Unreconciled', f for 'Followup')
- Fixed Income vs Expense Report error
- Upgraded to wxWidgets 2.8.0
- wxAui Support for dockable window support (Thanks Priyank Bolia for the patch)
- Fixed transaction filter not displaying categories
- Added column indicating withdrawal or deposit for repeating transactions panel
- Added Polish Translation (Thanks Andrzej)
- Added Croatian Translation (Thanks Goran Bobanovic) (December 11, 2006)

- Home page summary not showing initial balance (Thanks Bob!) (December 10, 2006)

- Add sections on importing into user manual
- Fixed bug with importing from QIF when languages other than english are used (Thanks Jean!)
- Added transaction number search ability in transaction filter report (1585949)
- Fixed bug with deleting transactions introduced in a recent build (Thanks Joseph Schmigel!)
- Fixed several build errors/coredump with Linux build
- 4x Speed up loading of home page with database with lots of transactions
(More optimizations coming soon)
- Added UK POUND to MMEX currency list (November 29, 2006) Development Release

- Really fixed bug where editing transactions did not take effect (Thanks Fortuna) (November 29, 2006) Development Release

- Fixed bug where editing transactions did not take effect (Thanks Fortuna)
- Fixed bug where entering transactions in bills and deposits screen did not show up in account view (Thanks Bob!)
- Fixed bug where currency setting was not being used when showing withdrawals and deposits (Thanks Hx)
- Fixed bug where entering transaction caused no data to be entered (Thanks Hx) (November 29, 2006) Development Release

- Fixed Bug 1604492: Crash on setting currency (November 28, 2006) Development Release

- Added caching for transaction data to make it load faster
- Fixed Delete Button not working for assets
- Fixed Bug 1591507: Repeating Entries order on home page
- Fixed Bug 1595116: From field ignored on transfer transaction
- Fixed Bug 1593422: Balance not considering void transactions
- Ensure transactions with same date always are sorted correctly
- Added option to specify default transaction view when viewing account transactions
- Reworked the Currency Dialog screens to be more intuitive
- Fixed Bug 1601619: Right click on REPORTS crashes
- Fixed Bug 1602179: Nonlocalizable strings (November 4, 2006)

- Don't select category when category dialog is closed (Thanks Mark!)
- Fixed Bug 1553574: Allow currencies with 3 significant decimals
- Fixed some menu disable/enable logic when no database is loaded
- Allow QIF import even when Payee field is not present
- Fix Bug 1553157: Last Calendar Month calculation off by one bug
- Fix Bug with reporting number of days remaining for Repeating transactions
- Fix Bug 1560453 For asset having changing value purchased current year, value is zero
- Fix Bug 1554818 Incorrect change when transaction type is changed to Transfer type
- Fix Bug 1563345 QIF Import date format not functioning correctly
- Added Hebrew Translation (Thanks Ykpui) (Sep 2, 2006)

- Ability to create custom transaction reports that can be filtered by most fields
- Make QIF import date format use the format specified in the Tools->Options (Ozgreg)
- Add German Translation (Thanks Schrempfi!)
- Fixed Bug 1544586:Summary should show base currency symbol
- Fixed Bug 1540582:Transfer transactions without considering the exchange rate
- Fixed Bug 1543123:Incorrect Balance When Viewing Un-Reconciled Transactions
- Fixed Bug 1550745:Sorting the browser descending is not done correctly
- Add Feature 1543906: Four Week Frequency (Repeats)
- Add Feature 1519713: Add more items to tool bar
- Add Feature 1548136: allow sorting in account view for reconciled column
- Always store relative paths to mmb files if possible to make using USB key based usage easier
- Fix issues with Universal CSV importer
- Add Withdrawal, Deposit CSV fields for Universal CSV importer
- Ignore 'U' linetype for QIF files when importing
- Add Feature 1545449: List of transactions on the chosen category
- Add some intelligence when checking for updates (June 23, 2006)

- Add Feature: 1503501 Add printable view for assets, stocks
- Fix translation for some strings
- Add Russian Translation (Thanks KarmaSV!)
- Add Simple Chinese Translation (Thanks Extraf!)
- Add Brazilian Portuguese Translation (Thanks Jose Carlos)
- Several small bug fixes
- Remove row lines under Linux build
- Allow bills and deposits date to be modified when entering transaction.
- Fix bug in reporting transactions that happened the first of the month
- Allow negative initial balance
- Fixed Bug 1521281: Allow QIF payees to be empty (June 25, 2006)

- Added Universal CSV importer that can handle different CSV order. Use File->Import->Universal CSV Files.
- Fixed problem when saving .mmb file under a folder with a ' in the path.
- Fixed problem with entering fractional number of shares
- Fixed Bug 1510256: single quote becomes double quote in notes.
- Fixed Bug 1510255: singe quote in CSV import field causes error
- Fixed Bug 1455808: Currency with no cents like Korean Won arent correct
- Fixed Bi-Weekly values in budget performance report
- Fixed "To Whom The Money Goes - Last 30 Days" (June 19, 2006)

- Fixed problem with QIF import when there were no categories
- Fixed problem with QIF import and transaction numbers
- Fix missing translations for several fields
- Fix Budget Report - Missing Weekly Transactions
- Improve reporting of Income vs Expenses so that it is easier to compare trends
- Add Feature 1503265: Allow changing transaction type of existing transaction
- Fix 1503266: Range days are one day off
- Add Feature 1502894:Sort sub categs alphabetically
- Add Feature 1503503:Add menus for Edit and Delete Accounts
- Added Czech Translation (Thanks Josef Remes!)
- Added Chinese Translation (Thanks Kyosuke!)
- Fixed Bug 1504882:Amt deposited using Transfer Transaction doesn't update

0.6 (June 3, 2006)

- Added ability to import from QIF files (tested from MS Money)
- Add icons for all menus
- Sort Bills and Deposits by days remaining column
- Add ability to display jpeg, png in user help
- Add customizable colors
- Fix column alignment for several panels
- Add Feature 1492006:Date fields in window for "New Series"
- Add Feature 1482233:Add weekly and Bi weekly Budget setup
- Add Feature 1480766:Allow automatic backup of .mmb file
- Add Feature 1493309:Add Linkable Accounts from main page
- Add Feature 1491278:Add 4 Month frequency for Bills & Deposits
- Fix bug in Quarterly bills and deposits calculation of next occurence date
- Show upcoming bills and deposits in homepage only if not empty
- Add Feature 1455825:Add Flag for follow up transactions display in main screen
- Fix 1494231:Init Balance funky init balance entry
- Fix 1482172:Launch website does not work in Win2K (I hope)
- Added ability to change stock URL webpage (May 17, 2006)

- Fix add account, and then edit problem for stock accounts
- Clicking stock account nodes shows only stocks from those stock accounts (May 16, 2006)

- Add ability to store fixed assets that can depreciate or appreciate over time.
- Fix 1480735 : Add ability to change languages using the options dialog
- Fix 1488715 : Crash when editing first stock investment using 'edit' button
- Disable Right click menu for budget years
- Add wizard for adding new database
- Add wizard for adding new account
- Fix problem where stock investments summary only showed balance from first stock investment
- Allow fractional number of shares for stocks
- Change column alignment for stocks panel
- Add total amount for stocks panel
- Add ability to launch webpage (hard coded to Google's website for US stocks) for stock symbol (May 9th, 2006)

- Fix Bug 1482171 Frequency in Budget Entry is not being saved correctly (May 2nd, 2006)

- Updated French Translation
- Fix Locale issue that causes an SQLITE Error
- Transaction amounts are automatically trimmed. (May 2nd, 2006)

- Added credits for translators
- AppStartDialog starts centered in screen
- Added Italian, French translations
- Added start location to be specified in installer shortcut
- Improved entry of budget values for income/expenses.
- Ensure all strings are added to translations
- Fix Bug 1476967: Initial Balance was not being accounted for in the Bank Account Ledger
- Fix Bug 1476987: where the application was unable to locate translation files if the start
- Fix Bug 1480118: Income vs Expenses should not take transfers into account
- Fix Bug 1479518: Scheduled transaction is reflected in summary of accounts
- Fixed Locale Init issue causing translated UTF-8 strings not to appear correctly (April 22th, 2006)

- Add support for non-english languages
- Fix Bug 1473991: SQLite error [1] submitting Transaction with New payee
- Fix Bug 1471747: Crash when click on EnterTransaction
- Fix Bug 1471743: mmBillsDepositsPanel
- Fix Bug 1471740: Use $(ProjectDir) Macro
- Fix Bug 1455810: Help HTML file doesnt display
- Add Feature 1474172: Show reconciled balance
- Add Feature 1472283: User settable CSV delimiter
- Add Feature 1472279: Import should refresh account automatically
- Add Feature 1472277: Insert space between currency symbol and amount
- Add Feature 1455797: MMEX should allow import of CSV from MMEX.NET (April 16th, 2006)

- Remove add account dialog when one clicks "Bank Accounts" node
- Add Bills & Deposit Tracking
- Add Stock Investments
- Fix Bug 1455804: No option to set date format to 'yy/mm/dd'
- Fix Bug 1470420: App Does not start id last used data file is not found.
- Fix Bug 1455806: Korean Won Symbol not displaying correctly
- Fix Bug 1455827: No Selection in AppStart Dialog causes problems
- Fix Bug 1470420: App Does not start id last used data file is not found. (March,2006)

- Budgeting is now functional
- Budgeting 12 month performance report
- Changed home page to using HTML view
- Add last opened database name in app start dialog (KL Teh)
- The CSV import now take the date format option. Import/Export expects date to be in that format.(KL Teh)
- CSV import no longer reports missing lines as having no date (KL Teh)
- Transaction Number not being displayed (ikkyu)
- Unable to see help file (ikkyu)
- Mark imported transactions as needing followup
- Export bug that prevented transactions containing only category from working (Feb 26, 2006)

- Update user manual
- Remembers category for payee
- Remembers column layout
- All reports can be exported to HTML files
- Configurable Transaction viewer based on transaction status
- Delete transactions based on current view
- Fix '&' problem with payee names
- Add filter view transactions to certain date ranges
- Payee, Income vs Expenses reports (Feb 20, 2006)

- Options Dialog crashes when no db_ file is opened (Manav, alok.sathaye, Ikkyu)
- New AppStart Dialog helping new users begin
- Creating new database prompts users to create new account.
- Add Summary of Accounts Report
- Add Printing Page Setup, Print Preview, Printing for reports
- Disallow negative numbers in transaction amounts
- About dialog displays version history
- Reports for categories over time
- Now compiles and runs under Linux
- Import CSV shows more diagnostic messages (Feb 16, 2006)

- Checking account list controls now are "virtual" with very good performance even with millions of records
- Added "Flag for Followup" status
- Now can set status in transaction dialog
- Options Dialog now viewable
- Ability to mark all transactions to a certain type
- Add icons for telling transaction types apart easily
- Void transactions are not considered when computing balance on accounts
- While adding new transaction to account, use of aprostophe (') in some field causes SQL error (KL Teh)
- Add ability to specify arbitrary transfer amounts for From and To accounts
- Main summary correctly accounts for baseconvrate
- Main summary uses base currency for database
- Date Format can be changed via options
- Nicer icons
- Remove setting locale (Feb 11, 2006)

- French locale chosen when "English" was chosen (bpuhanic@...) (Feb 10, 2006)

- Clean up of database fields
- Database import from old versions
- Complete currency data management
- several bug fixes
- Import and Export to CSV
- Language Support (Feb 5, 2006)

- Checking Accounts with Withdrawal, Deposit and Transfer transactions functional
- Saving, loading databases


For the current change log, see Releases on Github

Version 1.4.15 (released 2014-10-27)

- Added setting to enable/disable repeating transaction notifications
- Fixed issue that shows the messagebox of the donation, even if you've already donated
- Fixed issue in searching of accounts, categories, currencies and payees
- Migrate to Google In App Billing v3
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.14 (released 2014-09-06)

- Fixed issue that sometimes prevented by modifying the amounts in the dialog
- Updated translations

Version 1.4.13 (released 2014-08-25)

- Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.4.12 (released 2014-08-10)

- Fixed problem when changing the state and the type of transaction
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.11 (released 2014-07-29)

- Fixed application crash when user choose transfer transaction
- Add changeloglib library to shown application changelog(thanks gabrielemariotti)
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.10 (released 2014-07-12)

- Implemented setting that allows to change language of application
- Implemented functionality to update currency exchange in currencies interface
- Implemented currency exchange in transfer transaction
- Implemented highlighting of search results into categories, payees, currencies, etc...
- Improved searching and displaying of categories
- Add translation: Hungarian (thanks zolmesz)
- Add translation: Polish (thanks maral)
- Update all translations
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.9 (released 2014-03-14)

- Fixed crash on startup for devices with Gingerbread versions
- Fixed the search of the transactions, with the only criteria category
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.8 (released 2014-02-23)

- Fixed layout for devices with Gingerbread versions
- when you are selecting a payee, category, currency, for a new transaction ... from this version immediately opens the looking field (works from 4.2+)
- Fixed bug: you can enter an account with a negative balance.
- Add translation: Vietnamese (thanks duytrung2121)
- Update translations
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.7 (released 2014-01-26)

- Fixed crash insertion transaction with the setting "Default Payee" set to Last
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.5 (released 2014-01-25)

- Fixed issue new drawer icon menu
- Add setting: Searching by text contents and not by text beginning with
- Add translation: Hebrew (thanks avi_mar)
- Update other translations
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.4 (released 2014-01-11)

- Updated translations: Russian and Spanish.
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.3 (released 2014-01-07)

- Updated translations: French, Portoguese and Portoguese, Brazilian.
- Fixed editing a transaction of transfer: destination account is reported correctly.
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.4.2 (released 2014-01-06)

- Fixed bugs
- Updated translations: Czech and French

Version 1.4.0 (released 2014-01-03)

- New layout for the application, added drawer, animations, etc...
- New layout for the insertion and editing of transactions and repeating transactions
- New layout for the list of transactions (colored status: grey = not reconciled, green = reconciled, red = void; orange = follow-up; duplicated = blue)
- Added all the world's currencies.
- Changed the layout of the categories. Now the display of categories, it is much clearer
- Added a new setting "Default State": You can choose a default state for new transactions
- Added new setting "Default Payee": You can choose between the options "None" (the beneficiary must be chosen by the user for each transaction) and "Last" (the application proposes the ultimate payee used)
- Fixed other minor bugs
- Please note that this version has disabled the dashboard, it is going to be redesigned.

Version 1.3.6 (released 2013-10-07)

- Fixed issue with selection of categories, payee or currencies, and with pressing the back button in the actionbar not return the selected data
- Fixed issue in the suffix formatting currency
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.3.5 (released 2013-10-06)

- Added the user manual
- Added language: Czech (thanks Elvis003)
- Added language: Chinese Simplified (thanks fischallein)
- Added language: Portuguese, Brazilian (thanks salocosta)
- Updated all existing translations

Version 1.3.4 (released 2013-09-27)

- Adding online help page on the project wiki, to sync with Dropbox.
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.3.3 (released 2013-09-02)

- Fixed issue with display the pie charts.
- Arrange the size of the widgets, which occupied more space than necessary.
- Fixed problem when opening the Repeating Transaction from notification, if set Pin Code, this was not required.
- Update all translations.

Version 1.3.2 (released 2013-08-26)

- Solved displaying new transaction in the main
- Added language: Chinese (Taiwan) (thanks wenjie)

Version 1.3.1 (released 2013-08-17)

- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.3.0 (released 2013-08-16)

- New Report: Where the money goes
- New Report: Where the money comes from
- All reports adding a chart
- Added in the home, Dashboard such as MoneyManagerEx for PC
- Fixed opening files mmb from file browser
- Added a new item in the main menu to sync with Dropbox
- Added two extensions that can be used in the application DashClock of Roman Nurik
- Added MultiWindow support for Samsung devices
- Added language: Portoguese (thanks Ricardo!)
- From this version, the notification of repeating transactions overdue will no longer be displayed when you open the application, but at a specific time that you have set
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.2.5 (released 2013-06-14)

- Fixed the amount of the export CSV file

Version 1.2.4 (released 2013-06-13)

- Fixed upload database on dropbox with empty remote folder
- Updated the Russian translation
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.2.3 (released 2013-06-12)

- Reintroduced the theme Holo
- Fixed the problem of search of transactions with state none
- Fixed the issue of base currency conversion in the reports

Version 1.2.1 (released 2013-06-08)

- Fixed crash application when opening search activity
- Fixed crash application when opening payee, currency and account list with font default set
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.2.0 (released 2013-05-28)

- New sync with Dropbox. From this version you can automatically synchronize the database of Money Manager Ex. The configuration and management with Dropbox (download and upload) is in the settings. For those already using the sync with Dropbox will have to redo the configuration.
- New look for the application
- Fixed application crash when you try create a new transaction with date format contains quote character (')
- Fixed application crashes when you open the setting with the financial first month of the year is not set correctly
- Possibility of displaying the partial budget for each transaction. The visualization is activated in the display settings.

Version 1.1.4 (released 2013-04-07)

- Updated localization: Russian
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.1.3 (released 2013-03-16)

- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.1.2 (released 2013-03-10)

- Added option month sorting in the report vs income. expenses
- When you perform a search, and edit any of the transactions selected, automatically re-runs the search when come back
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.1.0 (released 2013-03-01)

- Added split transaction
- Export transaction to CSV file
- The widgets can be placed in lockscreen (Android 4.2)
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 1.0.6 (released 2013-02-22)

- Fixed reconciled total for account does not consider duplicate transactions
- Fixed reports categories and payees incorrect display in the last month

Version 1.0.3 (released 2013-02-06)

- Updated translation of languages: Russian
- Fixed search doesn't display keyboard on manage activity such as Payee, Categories, Account, etc...

Version 1.0.2 (released 2013-02-02)

- Fixed display the amount and the account name in the transfer transactions
- Fixed in the settings month financial year

Version 1.0.0 (released 2013-02-01)

- Added the function to search transaction
- Added report Income vs. Expenses with the option to filter by year
- Added report Categories with the option to filter by category
- Added report Payees
- Added option to move the database from internal application folder to external storage
- In the settings addes: date format and financial calendar
- Added in the home, a summary of the income and expenses of the current month
- Graphical improvements
- Various optimizations
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 0.9.2 (released 2012-12-27)

- Updated translation of languages: Russian and Spanish

Version 0.9.0 (released 2012-12-23)

- Waiting for version with encrypted database (emb), added option to insert a pin in the opening the application
- Reorganized the settings
- Added language: Russian (thanks to Evgeniy)
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 0.8.0 (released 2012-11-23)

- Added Repeating Transaction
- Added Notification for Repeated Transactions Expired
- Optimize the font size for the device with large screen
- On the home, added in small font the balance reconciled
- Fixed authentication problem with Dropbox on Android 4.2
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 0.7.0 (released 2012-10-26)

- Added Widget Summary
- Added Widget Account Bills (only since the Honeycomb)
- Added Widget New Transaction
- in Home the Key Back no longer asks for to exit the application
- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 0.6.3 (released 2012-10-12)

- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 0.6.2 (released 2012-10-12)

- Fixed bug of displaying the date one day behind
- Fixed bug of the total summary in the Home does not correctly convert
- Fixed bug with synchronization dropbox, first upload the database if there was no file in the remote folder, did not upload anything
- Updated "currency code" of all world currencies
- Fixed other minor bugs
- Added language: French (thanks Xavier)

Version 0.6.1 (released 2012-10-02)

- Added possibility to open a database with mmb extension from a file manager (like Astro File Manager, OI File Manager, ES File Manager, etc ...)
- Fixed other minor bug

Version 0.6.0 (released 2012-09-25)

- Release beta version

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