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Stable release (version 1.5.0 - changelog)
The stable release is recommended for everyday use.

 Windows (64-bit)  Windows (64-bit) - Portable

 Windows  (32-bit)  Windows (32-bit) - Portable


macOS Linux Android (Amazon Store) Android (APK)


macOS users: please try to run following command if running into damaged issues

sudo xattr -rd /Applications/
Unstable build (in development)
The unstable build is for early testing before official release. Avoid for daily use but only if you need a specific feature/fix.

 Windows (64-bit) - Portable

 Windows (32-bit) - Portable

macOS Linux  Android

All releases
Here is the main repository with all versions released

 Archived desktop releases archived Android releases


Linux installation

Build instructions, Linux

Arch Linux

pacman -Sy moneymanagerex

 Arch x86_64 Arch i686

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