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Stable release (change log)
The stable release is recommended for everyday use.

 Windows (64-bit)  Windows (64-bit) - Portable

 Windows  (32-bit)  Windows (32-bit) - Portable


macOS Linux Android (Amazon Store) Android (APK)

Upgrading from 1.4.0?

If you get the database error, "MMEX database version 13 doesn't work with this MMEX version," see Steps to convert your database from 1.4.x. The latest Money Manager Ex release uses the database structure of the 1.3.x series and discontinued the structure of version 1.4.x. This maintains compatibility with the mobile app.

Unstable build (in development)
The unstable build is for early testing before official release. Avoid for daily use but only if you need a specific feature/fix.

 Windows Under "Job name," choose x64 or Win32 > Artifacts > Portable (version recommended for unstable builds).

macOS Linux  Android

All releases
Here is the main repository with all versions released

Desktop releases Android releases


Linux installation

Arch Linux / EndeavourOS / Manjaro

AUR package

Arch User Repository paru -S moneymanagerex-git

Repository package

Arch x86_64 (Community) pacman -S moneymanagerex


Install, Linux


Build, Linux

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