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Money Manager EX interface has been translated in more than 30 languages to provide the best user experience. Documentation and help are also accessible in 8 different languages.


At first stat-up and in main options it's possible to choose the preferred language:



 Currently available translations:

Saudi-arabia-flag Arabic Thanks to: [mmex_ar]
Bulgaria-flag Bulgarian Thanks to: Ivan Gyokov, Poltargaista
China-flag Chinese
Thanks to: Liu Ming
China-flag Chinese
Thanks to: Kysouke
Croatian-flag Croatian Thanks to: Goran Bobanovic
Czech-republic Czech Thanks to: Josef Remes, PepaR
Netherlands-flag Dutch Thanks to: Theo Kamphuis, PeCe
Belgium-flag Dutch
Thanks to: Rol, wimvhs
United-kingdom-flag English
Thanks to: mcrossley
France-flag French Thanks to: Berry As, Jean-Christophe, bipop, drambeau, Ben, Ghislain Baudichaud, phira
Germany-flag German Thanks to Schrempfi, goe, STiGMaTa_ch, Kai Kajus Noack, Renato
Greece-flag Greek Thanks to: Panagiotis Pentzeridis, Polvar
Israel-flag Hebrew Thanks to: Ykpui, Avi Markovitz
Hungary-flag Hungarian Thanks to: Csaba, Zoltan Levardy [zlevardy], Toroka
India-flag Hindi Thanks to: Ankur Jain
Indonesia-flag Indonesian Thanks to: Dindin
Italy-flag Italian Thanks to: Maurizio [Mau13], Claudio
Latvia-flag Latvian Thanks to: [yampis]
Norway-flag Norwgian Thanks to: Fredrik Strand, Torbjorn Kvande
Poland-flag Polish Thanks to: Damian_pl, Andrzej
Brazil-flag Portuguese
Thanks to Jose Carlos
Portugal-flag Portuguese
Thanks to: Fatela
Romania-flag Romanian Thanks to: Munteanu, Florin
Russia-flag Russian Thanks to: KarmaSV, Nikolay, Churzzz, Vadim
Serbia-flag Serbian Thanks to: [ozzii]
Slovakia-flag Slovak Thanks to: Abadyba, Misko B
Slovenia-flag Slovenian Thanks to: Gregor [megla100]
Spain-flag Spanish Thanks to: jorgeb, Javier, Roberto
Sweden-flag Swedish Thanks to: Tomplast
India-flag Tamil Thanks to: Gopi Gopalakrishnan, Muguntharaj Subramanian
Turkey-flag Turkish Thanks to: Murat Bilgen
Ukraine-flag Ukrainian Thanks to: Leonid Shturma
Vietnam-flag Vietnamese Thanks to: Nicky, Luu Cong Thanh, Toan [nktvnvn]

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