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Money Manager EX allows tracking incomes and expenses inserting new transactions for every money movement.


Transactions are divided for each bank account and they could have different status:
- Unreconciled: When you enter a transaction, it initially is in the state of "Unreconciled". Which means the transaction has not been reconciled with your bank/credit card company's balance.
- Reconciled: Once the transaction is checked and verified with a credit card company's balance information, it can be marked as reconciled.
- Void: If you entered a transaction that later became invalid or you canceled the transaction, instead of deleting the transaction you can also mark it as void so you have a record of the transaction.
- Followup: This status marks transactions as needing more action. For example, you receive a balance statement from the financial institution and you notice that the transaction amount is different between what you recorded and what is in the statement. You can mark it as a flag for follow up so that you can follow up with the financial institution.
- Duplicate: The status will be automatically be changed to duplicate if it is recognized as such.


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